Posted On: December 20, 2010

Know Drugs seeks to facilitate an honest and open discussion about ALL kinds of drug use in the UK and beyond.  We include alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical drugs in our remit. Our YouTube channel has recently been censored without explanation and you can sign a petition to proest this.

The concept of our website is to feature full and frank video interviews with people about what drugs they choose to use (or not to use).   The stories come from people with all kinds of experiences and perceptions of drugs – good, bad, ugly, beautiful and even indifferent.  They seek to understand what drives a person to use drugs, to continue using them or to stop using them.  They ask why people are drawn to different drugs and what they get out of them.    We also interview experts in the field to share and understand from professional perspectives across a range of drug related subjects. We believe there is a spiritual and healing dimension to use of many drugs that is widely over-looked and we want to spread awareness and understanding of these possibilities.

The original video above was removed by YouTube. It showed some of the Know Drugs interviewees’ answers to the question about why they agreed to be interviewed for the project. We have replaced it with a short film giving an overview of our situation regarding being censored.

Those who are bringing Know Drugs into being do so because they feel the issues around drug use and the way it is currently handled are harming millions of people around the world and they would like to help alleviate some of that suffering.  We feel that more honesty from everyone around their drug use (including alcohol),  will help shift us into a healthier paradigm.

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