Know Drugs taking part in Postcards from Babylon

Know Drugs taking part in Postcards from Babylon

Posted On: October 23, 2014
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Over the first weekend in November, a feast of photography, music, words, movement & conversation will explore the state of the world and the pathways of liberation. Curated & produced by Christian de Sousa, dancingTao and the Bureau de la Resistance, the full programme of events for this is now on-line at go to

At the heart of the event are three questions:
What’s going on out there?
What’s your journey?
How can we be free?

On Saturday 8th November at 3pm, Cara from Know Drugs will curate a multi-media session talking about her inspiration for the project and where it subsequently took her. She will be accompanied by Kate Christie, who is giving a brief and breath-taking talk on an ayahuasca journey she took in Peru.

The exhibition will include photography by Christian de Sousa from both the 5Rhythms/Movement Medicine dancefloors and the DJ/clubbing scene, and on the Friday evening he’ll be showing some of this work in an audio-visual presentation with music, moving straight into a 5R Wave in the gallery, and then followed by other DJs playing a mix of music.

Then over the weekend there will be a rich blend of workshops, talks, live music, performances and other explorations around the themes of his book with me and many others from the wider web of inspirational interconnected dancing consciousness…

There will also be pop-up cafe serving delicious healthy food by Maitri Shakti Kaur

Come and dance, vision and co-create – come for the opening on Friday and for the whole journey, or drop in for half a day, a single session or just a cup of tea. Invite your friends or come and make some new ones.

This will be a whole new experience in soulful city movements.

Oh, and thanks to Christian’s publisher, it’s all free or by donation.