Whose Shame Is It Anyway? – by the ‘XY’

Whose Shame Is It Anyway? – by the ‘XY’

Posted On: August 15, 2011
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This article in the Guardian posited that commentators on both sides of the political spectrum are seeing only what they want to see in the riots that recently erupted in our cities. People are disenfranchised victims or unruly beasts, depending what colour your flag is.  The writer likens this to a Rorsach test, where ink blots are shown to those undergoing psychological evaluation, to see what they can come up when pressed.  Will it be ponies and pretty things, or death and darkness?

The writer is referring – on a macro level – to a process that psychologists call Projection.  We all do this in everyday life, taking issues, attributes or even thoughts that belong to us and then ‘projecting’ them onto other people.   An ‘expert’ recently told me that the things that annoy me most about my significant other are often things that I don’t like – or try to deny – about myself.

It’s not hard to spot this in action; some guys will confide in their friends that a particular girl looks like she might be ‘dirty’.  What they’re really saying i- well, it’s not hard to fathom.  How many people have said to themselves that they will not become like their parents; trying to deny the inevitability of both genetics and socialisation?

So what’s the relevance of this to drugs I hear you ask (because I know already what you’re thinking because I’ve decided you’re like me)?  At a festival, I found myself up late but – in a rare moment of self-control and as part of a process of trying to be more mindful in my everyday life – somewhat more sober than my friends and partner.