Some views on the ‘war on drugs’

Some views on the ‘war on drugs’

Posted On: May 26, 2011
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One of the subjects we ask people about in our interviews is the ‘War on Drugs’. With attention being drawn to this subject via the Global Commission on Drugs and the related AVAAZ petition to end this war and regulate drugs, we’ve pulled together a playlist of clips from the interviews we’ve published so far to give you some diverse views on the subject. In this playlist are addicts, recreational drug users, people who’ve never used drugs, a drug prevention campaigner, a psychologist and a famous author. They share their views on the War on Drugs and how the drug laws have affected them personally. You can skip to clips by hovering over the bottom of the picture (though this does not work on a mobile phone).

* Use the left and right arrows mid way down the screen to skip to the previous(<) or next (>) clip.
* Hover over the bottom of the image and a series of thumbnail images will appear with the titles of the clips. You can click on any of them to watch instantly.
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The Avaaz petition is at
The Global Commission on Drugs is at http:///

The purpose of The Global Commission on Drug Policy is to bring to the international level an informed, science-based discussion about humane and effective ways to reduce the harm caused by drugs to people and societies.

The Global Commission on Drug Policy will build on the successful experience of the Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy convened by former presidents Cardoso of Brazil, Gaviria of Colombia and Zedillo of Mexico. Persuaded that the association between drug trade, violence and corruption was a threat to democracy in Latin America, the Commission reviewed the current ‘war on drugs’ policies and opened a public debate about an issue that tends to be surrounded by fear and misinformation.

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