Ketamine. Punching through the fabric of the Universe – by “Manolo Sanchez”

Ketamine. Punching through the fabric of the Universe – by “Manolo Sanchez”

Posted On: March 8, 2011
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“Manolo ” is a video editor in his late 30’s who has used drugs for the last 25 years – sometimes recreationally and sometimes tipping over the edge into addiction….  1 huge downward spiral. 1 arrest. 1 rehab. But back using regularly. Pharma and illegal.  And online designer drugs.

I have used most drugs. Marijuana (don’t enjoy). LSD (don’t enjoy). Cocaine and Crystal Meth (enjoy). Ecstasy (love!). 2ci and 2cb (both lots of fun). And mushrooms (love).

I first used Ket in San Diego. I am very fond of it and it’s my drug of choice. First time, we got it in Mexico in liquid format and crystallized it. Had a fun experience with friends. Lots of laughing and rolling around on the floor. Later tried it a few more times. In small amounts at the end of 3 day weekends of partying. Usually mixed with cocaine. All positive experiences. A nice way to “come down” from a long weekend. In the UK I looked for several years for it. Finally found a reliable source. It always came as crystals which could have been cut. Who knows. It was very “hit or miss”. Sometimes I’d have a wonderful trip. Sometimes it wouldn’t have any effect. Depending on the part of the batch or my chemical makeup (food, vitamins, etc).

I heard from a friend that Ket can harm the bladder. I kept using. I went to the doctor about a stomach ulcer and he asked If I used Ket. I said yes. On a weekly and daily basis as a painkiller for my other ailments. It works. It was originally used in World War 1 as pain relief. Then as a treatment for rape / trauma victims. It’s like a truth serum. When you take it, you get insights and speak freely about a range of interesting topics. It’s a home drug, NOT a club drug, since if you take too much, you will not move around much. And club owners will think you perhaps need to be rushed to the hospital. But actually, in 1 hour, you will be completely fine. It is impossible to overdose on Ketamine. This is a fact. From a Veterinarian. Later, it was branded by the Media as a horse tranquilizer, as a scare tactic. It is used on animals. But was used on humans first and for years.

The doctor agreed that no one knows if it’s the Ket that is the harmful ingredient to the bladder….or the cutting agent. I have also tried the synthetic versions. They are different. They take longer to take effect. 20 mins vs 3 mins. Plus it’s a less intense experience and lasts longer. With less addictive reasons to take more.

I write this post to spread the word that daily or weekly use can harm your bladder. Also, if you do want to use it…use it at home unless you are an experienced user.

In addition, make sure you know your source and trust who you are getting it from. This goes for all drugs. Ketamine which comes as crystals, should be crushed to get rid of all the small crystals, which are what can be harmful to you nose, blood stream and bladder.

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