How exactly are we going to change the world?*

How exactly are we going to change the world?*

Posted On: February 1, 2011
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Cara is a Creative Director on the Know Drugs project.

We’re creating a video site full of thought provoking, personal interviews about drugs.  The flexible way the clips are connected will give users a a myriad of possible journeys through the subject – turning preconceptions on their head –  left, right and centre.

These journeys will incorporate alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs. They will also incorporate people’s personal experiences with drug use, their awareness and understanding of their own use of drugs, how their usage has changed over time and what they think of the way society deals with drugs and drug use.  Those who do not use or have never used drugs are also vital to the project.

Our intention is that this will bring an openness, a humanity and an intelligence into the debate about drugs that is not currently seen in the media.  We believe its time that real people had their say in this subject  – away from media spin.

This site will enable drug users and those affected by drug use to inform themselves, provide context and clarity for the wider issues around the subject and assist people in positions of power in moving this issue forward in a way that has meaning for the populace.  We want to lift the veil of lies and hypocrisy around this subject.

We’re all volunteers on this project and there are a host of other things that need to be done.  So maybe you can help?  We’re holding a meeting in the Oval area of London at 7pm on Wednesday 16th February, 2011 where there will be brief talk on the project and a discussion about the ways in which you can get involved.

Why Get Involved?

This is your chance to be part of a creative project with a positive aim and to enhance skills you may already have – or develop new ones. We have team members with a wide range of skills and experience who are happy to help and train others.

If you have none of the skills listed below, it doesn’t really matter – the key thing is that you are a good communicator, enthusiastic and like to throw yourself into a task.  It would help if you have a clear idea of why you feel it’s important to get more honesty and awareness into this issue.  It goes without saying that a sense of humour is also an advantage.

Some of the content-side positions we’re looking to fill are:

Casting researchers

Editors – ideally of Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier and / or After Effects

Camera & sound operators



Meta data analysts (this is something we can train on – but is a skill which will prove utterly invaluable in this age of new media.  The only qualification you need is computer literacy)

Legal assistance – particularly for media consent forms and libel queries

Finance Manager – to keep our books in order and work out the best way we can become a legal entity

Graphic designers


Photographers (or even just people who like taking pictures and have some to spare)


Event managers / organisers – we’d like to get some Know Drugs live debates going so if anyone is keen to step up and take that on, do get in touch or come to the Volunteers meeting on 16th February.

Event hosts – if anyone has access to venues which could host debates, that too would be a great help.

So if you’ve got some time to spare and any of this takes your fancy, come along to our meeting on the 16th Feb (!/event.php?eid=194505190562100)  to connect with some of the others involved in the project and learn more about it and help shape how it will come together.

This thing is only as big as the people who make it.

* And of course we recognise this is only one step in changing the world… but  at least its something – and we’re not ruling out where it could take us.