My Fury Over the Sacking of Dr Hans Raabe – by David Raynes

My Fury Over the Sacking of Dr Hans Raabe – by David Raynes

Posted On: February 8, 2011
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David Raynes is Executive Councillor to the National Drug Prevention Alliance and a member of the International Task force on Strategic Drug Policy.  The NDPA is a group who work towards the prevention of drug use, maintaining the belief that: “drug-free healthy lifestyles will protect and enhance society and its stability for present and future generations”.

Background to this item
Dr Hans Raabe was yesterday sacked from his new position on the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs – before even starting the role.  This  has triggered a wave of outrage from drug prevention activists.

As soon as Dr Raabe was appointed to the ACMD on January 10th, he came under attack for holding supposedly extremist views on drugs, homosexuality and religion. He advised Ministers recently that “Marriage is associated with greater happiness, less depression, less alcohol abuse and less smoking.”

Raabe’s views are indeed very different to that of his predecessor David Nutt, who was consequently sacked for his controversial claim that cannabis is a less harmful drug than alcohol or nicotine.

The Home Office states Dr Raabe’s dismissal is due to his failure to disclose being co-author of a paper entitled ‘‘Gay Marriage’ and Homosexuality: Some Medical Comments’. The study suggests links between homosexuality and paedophilia. It is a condition on being appointed to the ACMD that members first disclose any information that might cause embarrassment to the Home Office, but Dr Raabe, a Christian GP, claims he has been victimised for his traditional religious beliefs.

David Raynes from The National Drug Prevention Alliance contacted Know Drugs regarding Dr Raabe’s controversial dismissal with the following statement:

Since Doctor Raabe was appointed there has been a steady smearing of him by drug legalisation/liberalising agitators.

Started by BBC Reporter Mark Easton on his BBC blog it was enthusiastically carried on by Dr Evan Harris, (an ex LibDem MP who lost his seat at the last election), by Transform the legalisation lobby group*, by Eric Carlin, (one time member of the ACMD who resigned after Professor Nutt was sacked), and by several others.

The most vicious was by Evan Harris, he is no doubt in touch with LibDem members of the coalition government, so there may be a party political agenda at play here. The LibDems have been consistently flaky on drug policy and have pandered to the pot-head vote. Evan Harris was a strident defender of Professor Nutt and has argued for liberalisation on Cannabis. He was critical of Alan Johnson, the Labour minister who sacked Nutt.

Raabe has traditional Christian views. He was particularly concerned about the rising damage in our society from Cannabis, but then most General Practitioners probably are.

For years the ACMD has been controlled by liberalising/legalising influences, Nutt being the most extreme example, but there have been many others. UK drug policy has suffered as a result. The ACMD has played a substantial part in making the UK the sick-man of Europe. The last government got to understand that and confronted it.

The current government and drugs Minister James Brokenshire, have given in to the tiny but baying mob. Brokenshire has been manipulated by dark forces within the Home Office and the UK drug liberalising/legalising fraternity. The witch-hunt has burned its witch.

More information about the NDPA can be found at


the International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy

* Transform describe themselves as a Drug Policy Foundation who’s vision is a world in which the War on Drugs is over and affective and humane systems of drug regulation have been established.