Why Know Drugs?

Why Know Drugs?

Posted On: December 20, 2010
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Welcome to the Know Drugs blog.  So what is this project all about and why do we need it?

Know Drugs is about generating an honest, open and non-hysterical discussion about drugs and drug use.  It is about trying to move the debate on all kinds of drug use out of the vicious cycle of the idea that there are the ‘bad people’ who take drugs and then there’s everybody else.   Most adults know that this is a fallacy, but for various reasons we tend to let the media and the government persist with handling this subject in this way.   Know Drugs has been created so that intelligent people can begin to have an informed discussion about all aspects of drug use – or non use.   Many people want a forum for this discussion but no platform has so far been provided to enable it.  A growing group of volunteers, who feel strongly that it’s time the unheard voices were heard – and hope dearly that those in positions of power  might start to listen has been and will continue to work to make this project and website a reality – and to try to facilitate a discussion that will help our politicians step into the 21st Century.

Know Drugs does not have a position regarding  the legal status of various drugs though it is keen for all possible policy options to be adequately and seriously considered in order to help to reduce the massive amount of public and private harms that occur to those who use drugs.    But we are equally as interested in looking at other aspects of the issue such as why people use drugs.   Know Drugs references all drugs, not just those classified illegal in many countries.   Alcohol and tobacco are very much drugs to be examined along with the others.

Know Drugs is primarily a video based project – but it’s taking some time to get the video side of our content working effectively.  However, the video below is made from excerpts of video interviews for the project and goes some way to answering what it is all about.